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Does Brexit mean less cultural diversity and weaker creative industries?

23/03/2023 @ 18:45 GMT


Before Brexit and Covid, our creative industries contributed over 4% to GDP and over £100 billion to the economy. They were in surplus with the EU and the rest of world. However, they lost 31% of their turnover in 2020.

Now, because the UK has decided not to rejoin the EU Creative Europe programme and refuses freedom of movement, the end of Brexit transition threatens to destroy touring, performance, partnership and exchange possibilities with our European neighbours. The government seems to want to banish Europe as a special locus for cooperation/partnership and cultural influence. Why have organisations like the Creative Industries Federation made so little fuss?

Brexit has meant that our film industry, which exported more than any other EU country to the rest of the European continent, has lost access to the EU MEDIA programme – an integral part of the Creative Europe programme.

Where is the lobby to re-join this valuable programme? Are our artists, performers and film makers afraid of repercussions? During 2020, arts and cultural networks were told that the government would appreciate more congratulations for the little it was doing for the sector. Has this had a chilling effect on our ability to campaign to re-join Creative Europe?

A Creator’s Council exists to give voice to creators’ interests, from actors through to fine artists, but government doesn’t appear to be listening.


18:45 GMT





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