UKPEN began in December 2016 as a collection of websites locating and documenting the growing number of grassroots groups engaged in the fight for Europe. The Gazetteer is the product of that work and answers the age old question of “Where is my nearest group?” plotting groups with the assistance of OS maps constituency by constituency.

UKPEN-Linked Groups
Groups and organisations that work in the common pro-European cause are automatically listed on the Gazetteer. As a gazetteer, UKPEN simply describes what exists. But by providing some contact and coverage details, groups and organisations can be UKPEN-linked. These groups that are not just listed but linked form the backbone of a communications network and enjoy an access route to Europe-wide organisations. The groups that are already linked are identified as such in the Gazetteer and can also be found mentioned in this section.

This is a list of UKPEN featured campaigns endorsed by the UKPEN network and campaigns by listed local pro-European campaign groups. Here you can find out their contact details and information pages to get involved.

The toolboxes are a pool of information for all pro-European actors including links to leaflet templates and dedicated action cross group teams. For LINKED groups there are additional sections of information and resources available.