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Alexandra von Westernhagen: EU Citizenship – What is it and what could it be?

26/01/2023 @ 18:45 GMT

Alexandra von Westernhagen – Partner in EU Competition & Regulatory Law, Keystone Law (London) and Liberius Legal (Brussels) will discuss citizenship (which is internationally accepted as a synonym for “nationality”) has been considered as one of the most fundamental human rights. It is protected by a number of International Human Rights legal instruments, including the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which states that “No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his nationality… “, as well as the Council of Europe Convention on Citizenship, which also prohibits the arbitrary withdrawal of citizenship.

In the wake of the UK leaving the EU, several cases on the nature and scope of EU citizenship have been brought before the Court of Justice of the EU (see for example, case T- 252/20).

The question in all these cases is whether with Brexit, individuals who did not hold any nationality of an EU member state other than British nationality at the time of the UK’s exit from the EU have automatically lost their EU citizenship.

It also leads to several related questions which we will discuss during our session, including:

* What is EU citizenship? Is it a real citizenship?
* Who grants EU citizenship?
* Can you be a citizen of the Union without being a national of one of its member states?
* Who can remove EU citizenship and under what conditions?
* Could EU citizenship be the first citizenship in modern times that is not based on a territory?
* If so, what is it based on?


18:45 GMT





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