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Friends will be Friends - #vote4friendship

30 Artists from all 28 EU member states and more than 400 Europeans from the streets on why is it so important to #vote4friendship in the EU elections May 23rd-26th.

We didn’t just make a fantastic new version of “friends will be friends” with our Pan-European all-star band A4E. We didn’t just make a great music video featuring them and many Europeans from all walks of life. We also got them to tell us just what they love about Europe, why friendship is better than hate, why we all need to vote.

Listen up! It’s here: 30 Artists from all 28 EU member states performing the iconic anthem of friendship. Many voices, one important message: #vote4friendship at the EU elections May 23rd-26th.

Don’t just sing along. If you agree that we are best when united in all our diversity; if you agree that hate and separation are not answers but threats; if you agree that Europe at its core is about friendship: Spread the word and share our video message.

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