Key Events

Some key events are private and will only show here if you are logged In. Linked groups can acquire a group login by contacting us. Logged in groups are also able to submit their own key events to this page, marking them for public or private viewing.

All the instructions for connecting to Tech for UK's calendar  - it started off as a calendar of protest actions connected with the prorogation of Parliament, and now it's a bit of a mixture of "Reg 'n' Rave" events, streetstalls and other random stuff -  can be consulted here. The link to view it is here and to submit events to it is here.

People's Vote have a permanent event calendar/map for local campaigning events here

The national parties have some online resources to help you find their canvassing events.;;

or simply sign up with;;

Check the GE '19 page for other ideas.

Campaigning events like street stalls or door to door actions are too numerous to show on a key events calendar, but we can help activists in any given region or devolved administration to organise area or regional calendars like the London one. Other regional calendars exist but need coordination teams to run them.

Upcoming Events

View the full calendar here.

Sat 14

Another Europe Conference 2019 – London

December 14 @ 11:00 am - 17:30 pm