The Gazetteer is our flagship project with the aim of mapping out the entire pro-European grassroots campaign in the UK. We are currently actively looking for additional technical support, if you know of any leads please contact us.

Some have wondered about the utility of the gazetteer approach. “Just make a list”, they say, “alphabetical order will do fine”.  And for some purposes that is right.  But for seeing who is where, who can practically link up with whom, and why some places just seem to fall between several stools, only a map will do.  For lobbying MPs, the constituency unit is the only thing that matters, but for organisational purposes more widely recognised names like counties or towns do the trick.  If it comes to a further voting campaign we will need to know our territories, and we will need to be organised everywhere, not just in the places where groups have sprung up naturally.  That’s why the maps matter.

The aspiration here

is to have a GIS-based window into where the groups and branches are.  For the first time we will be able to see where the overlaps are and where the gaps.

Here’s a visual of what we’re working on: 


If you are interested in the development of the project then please visit the live development site