Groups and organisations that work in the common pro-European cause are automatically listed on the Gazetteer. As a gazetteer, UKPEN simply describes what exists. But by providing some contact and coverage details, groups and organisations can be UKPEN-linked. These groups that are not just listed but linked form the backbone of a communications network and enjoy an access route to Europe-wide organisations. The groups that are already linked will be identified as such in the Gazetteer and can now be found mentioned in this section.  As well as these 70 or so linked groups UKPEN is in touch with 50 or so listed groups with generic email addresses.  Linked groups have access to the UKPEN Slack workspace, but listed groups do not.

East of England

Suffolk Norfolk Cambs

  • Ely for Europe
  • Suffolk EU Alliance

Beds Herts Essex

  • Essex for Europe

East Midlands

  • EM East Midlands

Derby and Notts

  • Hope for Europe
    (EM High Peak & Debyshire Dales)
  • EM Derbyshire

Leicester and Lincs

  • EM Lincolnshire


  • EM Northamptonshire


  • EM London4Europe
  • No10 Vigil


  • EM Enfield for Europe
  • Chipping Barnet for Europe
  • Hendon for Europe
  • OB Hampstead


  • OB East London

South East

  • Best for Britain South East London
  • BLUE
  • Southwark for Europe
  • Open Britain Greenwich
  • Lewisham is for Europe
  • Lewisham East for Europe
  • Lewisham West and Penge in Europe
  • Bromley for Europe
  • South Southwark for Europe

South West

  • EM Streatham for Europe
  • SW London for Europe


  • Harrow and Hillingdon


  • EM Northern Ireland

North West

Cumbria and Lancs

  • Best for Bolton
  • Bury & Rossendale In Europe (BRIE)


  • OB Sefton

Greater Manchester

  • Manchester for Europe
  • Warrington for Europe
  • OB Greater Manchester South
  • EM Macc & E Cheshire
  • Stockport for Europe

North East

  • Angels for Europe
  • North East for Europe


  • ...

South East

Thames Valley

  • Banbury for Europe
  • EM MIlton Keynes
  • OB Wallingford
  • PV Witney
  • Windsor for Europe

Kent and Surrey

  • EM Mid-Kent (MidKent4EU)
  • EM Canterbury for Europe
  • EM SW Surrey
  • Tunbridge Wells-IN

Hampshire & Sussex

  • Brighton and Hove for Europe
  • EM (Eunity) Lewes

South West

Cornwall and Devon

  • ...

Somerset and Dorset

  • EM Mendip
  • OB North Somerset

Avon Glos and Wilts

  • Salisbury for Europe
  • Swindon for Europe
  • EM Glostays

West Midlands

West Mercia

  • EM West Mercia
  • EM Oswestry &N Shropshire
  • Herefordshire for Europe
  • Worcestershire for Europe

"Middle Mercia"

  • Staffs for Europe (North)
  • Stratford for Europe
  • Warwick and District for Europe

West Midlands MC

  • ...


North Wales

  • EM Valleys for Europe
  • Wrexham for Europe

Mid and West Wales

  • EM Carmarthenshire

South Wales

  • ...

Yorks and Humber

E Yorks plus

  • EM Hull & East Yorkshire for Europe

N Yorks

  • North Yorkshire for Europe
  • York for Europe

W Yorks

  • Leeds for Europe

S Yorks

  • ...


Veterans for Europe