The ‘Toolboxes’ are currently hosted on the old site here and and can be navigated to via the links below. 


The UKPEN Toolbox is the place where each region can organise its own resources, references and tools. Information available for all pro-European actors includes links to leaflet templates, dedicated action cross group teams and more.

Click to discover your local Toolbox

Not all Toolboxes are active, if you would like to create or contribute Contact Us

There is a free-standing Toolbox for London (PELT) here.  This is the first port of call for all resources, links, documentation etc. and we use it for campaign material.


And there are starter Pro-European toolboxes in these regions, which we can develop and add to as our campaign gets going:

  • East of England (PEEET) here
  • North West (PENWET) here
  • South East (PReSET) here
  • South West (PESWEST) here
  • Wales (PEWIT) here
  • West Midlands (PEWMIT) here