Pledge for the future


Tuesday 5 March URGENT

Up to thirty Labour MPs could vote for Theresa May’s Brexit in 10 days time. We will then be out of Europe. PLEASE HELP FUND THE CAMPAIGN TO STOP THIS

For the past month Pledge for the Future has been inspiring constituents to contact these MPs to demand they vote down May’s deal and give us a final say.

The results far exceed expectation.   Each advert is reaching 2000 constituents and inspiring 160 of them to at least think about writing to their MP. (We provide a link to the appropriate page of WriteToThem ).    Thus 8 or 10 percent of people who see the ad are doing what the ad suggests – a figure 10 times what Facebook suggests can be expected.

But we’re running out of money and only a week away from the key vote these ads are needed now more than ever. We pay £20 to reach those 2000 constituents. The average constituency has at least 60,000 voters. To reach them all we need to spend £600 per constituency. Our opponents Britain’s Future have the funds to target every voter in the land. We have about £500.

Our plan (numbers approximate)
We aim to target a total of 20 more Labour “wobbly” MPs with adverts similar to the attached. This should be done by tomorrow night. Starting on Wednesday morning at the latest we would then like to run a second set of adverts at all 30 MPs. Each £10 you contribute will allow our advert to be seen by 1000 voters. The 30 constituencies contain 1.8 million voters. So we’re aiming for £18,000. Can you help?

Please promise now ( whilst we finalise financial arrangements.


(Nobody voted for a Brexit that only its rich backers can afford, but who will have the courage to stop it? MPs suffer daily threats and abuse. Soon Parliament votes one last time. Give your MP the shove or the support they need. Sign this pledge today on the website.)


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